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The Supercomputer that’s Raspberry Pi

Watching this video you will feel how innovative and genius some of us are. Look at them, they have stacked 64 of RaspberryPi’s US$25 dollar computers into a supercomputer of some sort. It boasts a memory of 1TB by cobbling together 16GB SD cards in each of the computers running Linux. And what is more amazing is that it is housed in Lego brick casing. Wow.

If you feel like building your own Supercomputer out of these minuscule computers, the professors at University of Southampton have provided a guide and can be downloaded from their website here.

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PC vs Mac vs Linux Advertisement

This is the season of new OS releases from all major vendors. Microsoft with its over hyped Windows 7, Apple with their new streamlined, but expensive, line up of Macs and OS and Linux with Ubuntu, Fedora and others releasing their upgrades. While Apple and Microsoft are aggressively marketing their wares in trade shows, TV, Internet and even (paid for) print articles in leading magazines, it seems Linux will have to use the community to market its new releases through RSS feeds, blogs, websites and youtube.

In this media marketing war, we decided to bring back an old advertisement announcing Linux as a viable desktop option. The commercial was paid for by Novell but it is too good to pass up. So here it is for Linux fans.

KDE or Windows 7

So this video is circulating on the internet where some blokes in Australia show off the latest KDE as if it is Windows 7.

Check it out and get a kick out of the responses of the ordinary people.