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Windows no longer the Best

This season anyone monitoring the Amazon Best Sellers List for Notebook computers would have noticed that three brands out of top five have consistently been non Windows. In fact, the best selling computer has been Samsung’s Chromebook, a Linux based netbook developed on Google’s opensource ChromeOS operating System.

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Linux OS use on the Rise

Now, this may not be the most scientific reports out there, but it still points to an interesting trend. Linux/FreeBSD based desktop systems are on the rise with almost a commanding 1% market share. What is interesting to note is that Microsoft Windows is slowly losing ground and its market share has fallen to less than 89%. Yes, it is still huge but not as huge as it was say 10 years ago when it controlled almost 95% of the market.

The report also points to an interesting trend that hand held devices like PSP and iPhone are increasingly being used to browse the internet. In the coming years, as Android and SymbianOS make better internet centered smart phones, the Microsoft share will further fall.

At the same time, computers powered by Linux like netbooks and linux powered smart phones will also increase its share beyond 1%.

Mac has also gained ground to reach a market share of almost 9.5%. This share will definitely grow beyond 10% as Apple continues to churn out cool and attractive products that woo new customers.

Overall, this is a healthy trend showing that the internet is slowly making the desktop irrelevant. People are using any device with a decent browser to surf the net and do their work.