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HPLIP – HP Print Drivers for Linux

Sometimes when you install your favorite Linux distribution, the default print drivers either fail to print or worse fail to recognize the printer outright.

Thankfully, there is a solution to this problem for at least HP printers. HP is now supporting over 2,200 printers (including Multifunction, Inkjects, Laserjets etc) with proper Linux drivers that are supported through the life of the hardware. A detail of which can be found on hplip website here.

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Installing dLink DWA 525 Linux Drivers

If you are upgrading your desktop PCI wifi cards to faster N series Dlink cards, you will be in for a bit of surprise. The drivers provided by Dlink are still in alpha (for DWA 525 series) and are not natively supported in most Linux distributions.
So if you face this conundrum, here is a simple solution (Thanks to Aftab and Umar for providing the steps).
  • First download the drivers for Dlink DWA-525 wifi card from the following link: http://ftp.dlink.ru/pub/Wireless/DWA-525/Drivers/Linux/
  • Unzip the downloaded file into a directory
  • cd into the newly unzipped directory
  • type the following commands
    • make
    • sudo make install
  • Now edit the following file
    • vi  /etc/modeprob.d/blacklist.conf
  • Append the following line at the end of the file
    • blacklist rt2800pci
  • And now reboot the machine
    • sudo reboot
Your newly installed wifi card should now be working just fine. Enjoy surfing at 150mbps (theoretically) 🙂