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Freakonomics – A must read for all budding Data Scientists

Freakonomics was published well before the term “Data Science” had become a buzz word in the data analytics lingo. But that is precisely what this book is all about. A book that is a must read for all budding Data Scientists. Getting insights out of seemingly ordinary data that may seem incredulous at first sight.

The book, Freakonomics, is filled with case studies and examples that show how seemingly unrelated data and information can be used intelligently to come up with some fascinating conclusions. For example, one of the case studies in the book, talks about legalization of abortion in America (Roe vs Wade) in 1973 as the major factor for drop in crime in the late 1990s and early 2000s. This conclusion was hotly debated at the time and caused a massive upheaval. But the premise was simple. More legalized abortions meant, less number of children were born that would lead a crime induced life. Incredulous at first sight, but when you dig deep, you do see their point of view and reluctantly agree.

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