Intel Edison bites the dust – No more in IoT space

Intel Edison bites the dust – No more in IoT space

Has Intel finally thrown in the towel in the IoT space? Earlier this year, Intel announced that it will discontinue their IoT platforms namely, Galileo, Joule, and Edison. We wrote about Edison More »

C.H.I.P. and Pi Zero W – US$10 dollar Computers

C.H.I.P. and Pi Zero W – US$10 dollar Computers

We love the little C.H.I.P. Single-board computer. And it boasts some really powerful specs for only US$9. Yes, only US$9. While Raspberry Pi is not far behind in competition with their own More »

Three Raspberry Pi Powered Creative Learning Kits

Three Raspberry Pi Powered Creative Learning Kits

Raspberry Pi is currently one of the hottest devices to build your own creative IoTs, computers and learning kits. But one of the biggest selling points of these kits is the price. More »

Keybase Communications Software– Open Source Alternative to Slack

Keybase Communications Software– Open Source Alternative to Slack

Keybase is Slack like communications tool for teams. But unlike Slack, Keybase communications software is totally open source and there are no premium charges for advanced features. That is, for now at More »

Atari is back – with Ataribox Console

Atari is back – with Ataribox Console

Yes, Atari is making a come back yet again. And this time through Ataribox console. For those of us who grew up playing Pac-Man and Space invaders on the classic 2600 console, More »


How-to setup a simple UFW firewall on Ubuntu

We all need to install some form of firewall to secure our systems from any malicious activity. Not just our servers and VPS machines, but also our laptops which we access on public networks. UFW (Uncomplicated FireWall) is an ideal solution for setting up a firewall on your system.

UFW firewall is completely open source and is actually built on top of the iptables making it easier for us to manage and run the firewall.

This is the third article in the series on “Systems Security”. Here we discuss UFW firewall implementation on your system. The articles in the System Security series are listed below.

  1. How to setup SSH keys based authentication
  2. How to disable password based authentication
  3. How to setup UFW Firewall (current article)

Zorin OS 12.2 Linux Released

This week, Zorin OS released the latest upgrade to its popular Linux OS. The Zorin OS 12.2 is designed specifically for Windows users in mind who can migrate to Linux without any learning curve. The look and feel and even the user experience is eerily similar to Windows XP and that has been one of its biggest appeals since its launch.

Zorin OS has been reviewed by us before and it seems to only get better with time. Since its release nearly 9 years ago, it has grown in popularity and has been downloaded well over 17 million times.

How-to Disable Password Authentication on Linux

This how-to will explain how to disable password based authentication on Linux based systems. It is in continuation of our series on System Security. With the first one published on SSH keys based authentication. We wrote this as a lot of you sent us messages, on social media, to add tutorials on how to secure the server by disabling the password based authentication.

We recommend that the administrator should not attempt to disable password based authentication unless SSH keys are correctly setup and users can easily login using that method.

This is the second article in the series on “Systems Security”. The articles in the System Security series are listed below.

  1. How to setup SSH keys based authentication
  2. How to disable password based authentication (current article)
  3. How to setup UFW Firewall

Book of the Month Review – Content Inc by Joe Pulizzi

In the first of the series on “Book of the Month” we are reviewing author Joe Pulizzi’s best selling book “Content Inc” .

From September 2017, we are starting a new “Book of the Month” column. Each month, our editorial staff will review an interesting book or two and recommend it to our readers. The book will not necessarily be of technical nature but something that our audience will love to read and share.

The idea came about from reading IEEE Spectrum monthly section on book reviews. Over the course of many years, we found many interesting and sometimes, obscure titles, that we loved and shared with our friends. We want to bring that love to XenStreet and therefore are going to feature books each month that we think our readers would also love. The books may not be the newest and the greatest. At times, they would originally be published decades ago but we still find them interesting.

Howto Login to servers using SSH keys authentication

Using public key authentication is far more secure and smart way to manage server authentication. And it is quite easy to implement and use. Fortunately, unix/linux terminals allow users to create public/private SSH keys combination that can be used to authenticate and login to servers without any hassle.

The traditional SSH authentication using the combination of username/password is good but really not that secure anymore. The passwords can be guessed or even broken using brute force attack. At times even a compromised terminal can give away the passwords to hackers.

This is the first article in the series on “Systems Security”. The complete list of articles in the System Security series are listed below.

  1. How to setup SSH keys based authentication (current article)
  2. How to disable password based authentication
  3. How to setup UFW Firewall

Open Source skills are most sought after – Linux Foundation Jobs Report

Linux Foundation has just come out with its annual jobs report for the year 2017. This year Open Source skills seem to be the most sought after among the 300 employers surveyed.

The trend has been turning in favor of Open source for the past many years, and this year, it seems that majority of the companies want talent that is proficient in some Open Source technology.

4 Git Version Control Alternatives

In recent years, Git has become the defacto standard for code management, especially among open source developers. Developed by Linus Trovalds himself, the maker of Linux, it has found a lot of following among Linux kernal developers. Recently BOSS Index ranked it among the top 5 most popular open source projects of 2017. So what other alternatives exist for Git?

Here is a list of some of the Git alternatives that are extremely popular among developers. Incidentally, most of them are open source like Git, except for the one from Microsoft of course.

Open Source Entrepreneur – Launching a Project Successfully

I have been asked several times how do I launch an open source project. To which I ask them, why not contribute to an existing project rather than build one from scratch? Being an open source entrepreneur who is launching a new project is really a long term effort and not just a weekend gig. So think hard before you make the jump.

There are literally thousands of open source software applications that need help in open source community. From drivers, to web and mobile applications, to mission critical systems and operating systems. Even stuff to put the man on Mars has some critical open source components. Yes, open source is rocket science stuff. So why build one from scratch?

OSSummit – Open Source Summit 2017 is in LA this year

This year OSSummit, (Open Source Summit) will be held in Los Angeles, California. What is significant about this event is that it combines four different conferences under one roof. Namely, LinuxCon, ContainerCon, CloudOpen and Open Community Conference are all combined into Open Source Summit.

This mega event will be the highlight of the open source event of the year in North America. And if it is successful, we might see other smaller conferences focused around open source opting to join in for a piece of a larger audience.

Firefox Send – Snapchat for files

If you plan to share a file, especially a large one, with someone over the Internet for a limited time and want it to be a secure share,  then Firefox Send is your answer. This experimental application is designed as open source with its code hosted on GitHub.

Firefox Send allows users to upload files (word, pdf, spreadsheets, movies etc) up to the size of 1GB. The files are then encrypted and the link is sent to the end recipient. Who have 24 hours to download before the file disappears. If the file has been downloaded, the file will be destroyed automatically.