OSSummit – Open Source Summit 2017 is in LA this year

OSSummit – Open Source Summit 2017 is in LA this year

The OSSummit will be the highlight of the open source event of the year in North America. And if it is successful, we might see other smaller conferences focused around open source More »

Firefox Send – Snapchat for files

Firefox Send – Snapchat for files

Firefox Send allows users to upload files (word, pdf, spreadsheets, movies etc) up to the size of 1GB. The files are then encrypted and the link is sent to the end recipient. More »

How to setup virtual environment with Python3

How to setup virtual environment with Python3

In this tutorial, we will use Anaconda. It is an open source software, primarily designed to support scientific and analytic Python (and R) packages. More »

Coco – Opensource Blockchain framework from Microsoft

Coco – Opensource Blockchain framework from Microsoft

Blockchain technology is gaining a lot of interest in the enterprises these days. It is widely touted to be used and adopted initially by Healthcare, Finance, Supply Chain, manufacturing, IoT and many More »

BOSS Index – Most Popular Open Source Projects

BOSS Index – Most Popular Open Source Projects

Battery Ventures, wants to do the same with open source software. The ranking is called BOSS Index (Battery Open Source Software) ranking tracks over 40 open source projects. More »


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Mozilla launches US$ 2 Million Wireless Innovation Challenge

Partnering with National Science Foundation, Mozilla Foundation has launched an ambitious US$2 million  Wireless Innovation for Network Society, (WINS) Challenge.

There are two broad categories where the US based entities can apply.

  • Off the Grid Internet Challenge: In this challenge disaster hit communities need to be reached with portable and rapidly deployed wireless communication system.
  • Smart Community Networks Challenge: Reach out to those communities that lack proper internet access in the USA. Mozilla and NSF estimate that there are over 39 million people in the US that lack quality internet.

Open Source Repositories of Tech Giants

All major tech giants have embraced open source. Their technology stack is enriched and so deeply embedded with open source that it is totally indistinguishable from commercial and proprietary software.

To give a few simple examples, Apple’s MacOS X is based on open source FreeBSD Unix. Google’s Android is a customized version of Linux, and Amazon’s Kindle is nothing but a Java/Linux powered handheld device.

UPSat – World’s first Open Source Satellite launched into space

This has to be one of the most amazing open source projects of the year. A technology, satellite, which is heavily guarded and mostly utilized by military or government is now available to any budding space enthusiast, living anywhere in the world. For free!

UPSat is a joint initiative of Libre Space Foundation and University of Patras, in Greece. It is designed from scratch as completely open sourced including the hardware. That literally includes the firmware, the chassis and all software related to the satellite. The code and specs can be downloaded from GitHub where they are publicly available.

Mycroft – Open Source AIexa like Artificial Intelligence

Amazon’s Alexa, Apple’s Siri and Google Now have become our defacto assistants for most things mundane.  Making calls, setting appointments or reminders, streaming music, turn on lights, playing games among dozens of tasks are now handled by them.

But this space is still young, Microsoft’s Cortana, IBM’s Watson and a host of other tech giants are trying to make their mark. But as it stands today, all these platforms are built by billion dollar companies to be used on their propriety hardware/technology stack. That all has changed with the arrival of Mycroft.

Ubuntu 17.10 Artful Aardvark Expected Features

Every six months, Canonical releases their latest update to Ubuntu operating system. The latest version, Ubuntu 17.10, is expected to be released on October 19, 2017. The latest release is has been officially named as Artful Aarwark.

As per their release cycle, the October releases are short term upgrades and are supported for nine months. The annual April releases, on the other hand, are supported for five years from the date of release. They are usually termed as LTS releases. In short for “Long Term Support”.

Mozilla Private Eye

We live in a post Snowden era. Where privacy of an individual is compromised by secret and clandestine spy agencies like NSA, Mossad or MI5. At the same time, unprecedented information is gathered about our online activities by enterprises hoping to sell us something that we may want. This has led us to a point where it is really a frustrating experience surfing the web without someone trying to sell us something that was probably gathered from our browser history. Even behemoths like Google, Facebook and Microsoft are culprits in this act. Well, Mozilla wants to change all that.

Mozilla has built a little plugin for its Firefox browser called Private Eye. This little software tracks all those who are tracking us. And then displays a list of all those sites.

Kano Kit – An idea worth betting the future of your kids education

It was not long ago, when Kano announced their intentions through a Kickstarter campaign to build a “computer and coding kit for all ages” powered by a Raspberry Pi. They asked for a meager US$100,000 to achieve their ambitious goal. The idea was an instant hit with backers. Within a short time, Kano amassed over 13,000 backers which ultimately resulted in 1.5million dollars successfully raised for the project!

The kit consists of a Raspberry Pi computer, hooked with a speaker, a wireless keyboard and connected to the internet through Wifi. The computer can be connected to any monitor/LCD screen through the provided HDMI cable.

Three open source apps that can replace everyday software

Google Chrome, iTunes, and Microsoft Word are only some of the most popular programs that people use every day on their computer. But did you know that there are alternatives to the aforesaid programs that provide fantastic features?

Thanks to the accessibility of tutorials in the Internet age, hundreds of non-commercial programs have been developed to suit the needs of different end users. Indie game developers, for instance, have long jumped in on the bandwagon of using HMTL5 for the creation of games. Gaming Realms, one of the oldest software developers of casino games and operator of entertainment site Pocket Fruity, now uses the more modern HTML5 in the development of its titles to deliver high-definition gaming to its clients. HTML5 is widely used for its ability to port games to different platforms.

Ubuntu 14.10 Utopic Unicorn Beta Released

In little over three weeks time Ubuntu 14.10 will be officially released to the general public. But, if you cannot wait that long, you can download the pre-release beta here.

The new upcoming release, code named, Utopic Unicorn, is an incremental improvement over 14.04 LTS released earlier this year. Packages like LibreOffice, Firefox, Thunderbird mail client are upgraded to the latest as well as the internals like the newer version of Linux Kernel and Unity interface were upgraded as well.

Harvard University just open sourced its Soft Robotics Toolkit

Harvard University and Trinity College Dublin have just launched a pioneering initiative to open source Soft Robotics Toolkit to help researchers, engineers and robotics enthusiasts to model, design, build and operate robots made from soft and flexible materials.

Their mission as stated int heir official news blog is:

Using principles drawn from conventional rigid robot design, but working with pliable materials, engineers are pioneering the use of soft robotics for assisting in a wide variety of tasks such as physical therapy, minimally invasive surgery, and search and rescue operations in dangerous environments.