September 18, 2019
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Krita – Open Source Software for Digital Painting

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If you ever wanted to be a digital painter, comic illustrator, animator, or just plain curious and could not afford to buy expensive painting softwares, then Krita software application is for you. It’s a professional grade, free, open source software and available on all major platforms including Mac, Windows and Linux.

The application has been around for quite sometime and has been slowly evolving. One key feature that differentiates this software from others is the fact that it is designed by artists for artists. In recent times they also ran KickStarter campaign to raise funds for additional features for the artists.


It supports import of PSD files from Photoshop so making it easier to migrate to Krita software application. There is some documentation and a starter tutorial online to help newbies get started. Here are some highlighted features

  • Perspective Tool
  • Line Tool
  • Pop-up Pallet
  • Wrap Around Mode
  • Resource Manager
  • Brushes Selector and Stabilizers
  • Blending Brushes
  • Brush Creation Engine
  • Photoshop import
  • HDR Support

I have been looking for a professional quality software for designs and simple animations. It seems Krita software can do that job and more without any trouble. What’s more, the community users have consistently reported that the software runs smoothly on older systems as well. Making it worth the use for part time graphics designers, like me.

The tutorials are a good start though quite limited. Would love to see more detailed videos to help a newbie get going better.

Krita Foundation

Krita software is developed and maintained by Krita Foundation which is a registered non-profit. The goal of the foundation is to:

  • To develop free graphics software, especially Krita
  • To provide services for users and developers of Krita
  • To provide artists and studios with everything they need to create digital art.

Recently, they have had numerous fund raising drives including one on KickStarter that raised over 38000 euros for them.

The software can be downloaded from Krita website.

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