Wekan – Open Source Alternative to Trello

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Wekan is an open source collaborative project management tool similar to Trello like boards. It offers some of the Kanban functionalities and features as well.

On Wekan one can easily create boards, on which cards can be created (e.g.for assigning tasks to someone etc) and managed between a number of columns (e.g. state of work in a flow). Colored labels can be assigned for grouping and filtering. There is no limit to how many people you add which makes it really easy for collaboration.


The implementation and UI is really simple and easy on the eyes. The interface is fast and easy to follow. If you are used to Trello like interface, you will definitely be at home here. The usual features of a Kanban board are implemented here including:

  • WiP Limits
  • Public and Private projects
  • Member settings
  • Import (from Trello or other Wekan) / Export of boards
  • Clipboards
  • Lists
  • Document Attachment
  • Admin panel
  • Responsive interface

It does feature WiP limits, subtasks (checklists), which is great to manage the capacity of a team or an individual. However, Wekan lacks features like Swimlanes which would make it truly useful as a Kanban board. Swimlanes are really helpful to break down the project tasks into teams, or products.

The good thing is that it is completely open source. And the code is available freely via MIT License for redistribution and customization. It uses MongoDB 3.2.x as back-end NoSQL database engine and is built using Node 6. Both are among the current list of top open source technologies and fairly easy to learn.

However, Wekan is only available for the web. Mobile implementations are still lacking. Unlike Trello and similar such commercial products which are available on all popular platforms including mobile and tablet.

Wekan is developed and maintained by a team of enthusiasts. The aim is to help build useful tools in project collaboration and management using similar principles that we see on Trello like boards. It is not backed by any commercial company yet and is completely run by what they call, Wekan Team; a group of hackers who donate their free time and resources to keep it going.

Wekan is a great open source initiative to build a collaborative project management software. Over time, it is likely to add more features and a wider adoption will take place across all types of projects.

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