September 18, 2019
zero terminal

The Zero Terminal – Pocket Computer that works!

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The real joy of tinkering with Raspberry Pi is to build something nifty and fun. To hack a really whacky and crazy idea into a working prototype. That we all love and feel passionate about. Recently, we came across this amazing hand-held Linux Terminal called, The Zero Terminal, is built by the hacker codenamed NODE. His pocket sized computer actually works!

The Zero Terminal is a fully working laptop-like computer in miniature. It has a fully working QWERTY keyboard, a touch mouse and a battery. It comes with a fold-able screen, just like a laptop. And what’s more, there are working ports for USB and Ethernet, in-case if we need to connect to the local network.

The hand-held Linux based Zero Terminal is actually built on top of a modest Raspberry Pi Zero W computer with 1GB of RAM and 1.2 GHz Processor. It boasts an 800×480 size 3.5inch screen and a really dinky keyboard with an optical mouse built in.

NODE has added a 3000mAh battery allowing the Pi to run for around 5 hours. The casing has been custom printed off a 3D printer allowing access to USB, ethernet ports in the Raspberry Pi to be totally functional.

The designs and specs are all open source and shared online at by Node for tinkerers to download and build their own.

This is not the first time someone has built such an amazing little computer. The guys over at CHIP did it with their PocketCHIP built on top of their 9 dollar computer. Which is pretty amazing in it self for just 70 bucks. But tinkerers prefer to build it themselves than to buy one off the shelf. So this hand held Linux Terminal could just be the thing for us.

Here is a Youtube video by the author explaining his creation in detail embedded here.

This palm top, Zero Terminal runs a standard Raspbian Linux OS making all Raspberry Pi apps and features to be fully available to the terminal.

Practical uses are quite limited at this time. But it is a perfect gaming console for classic games. And a DevOps engineer will love to use it when they need to run around a data center needing to trouble shoot their network and devices on the go.

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