State of Future Index PK-SOFI Launched in Islamabad

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I got a chance to attend the launch of the Pakistan State of the Future Index (PK-SOFI), this weekend in Islamabad. The PK-SOFI Index is a 10-year future index which indicates if the future of the country, relative to other countries in the study, is getting better or worse. And the future seems bright for Pakistan. The PK-SOFI index indicates significant improvement in the future for the people of Pakistan.

The objective, as stated by its founders, “is to create and foster an ecology of foresight perspectives in Pakistan. And enable decision-makers to opt for appropriate policy choices and establish strategic narrative in support”. Quite ambitious, but definitely the right step for an emerging economy of over 200 million population like Pakistan.

Puruesh Chaudhary, Founder Foresight Lab and Founding President AGAHI said, “With this national study, Pakistan leads the region in futures research in public space. This is where this nation is winning. The dominating trend in the inaugural report indicates that the growth potential of the internet is significant. This Index gradually builds confidence, which can help the decision-makers draft policy frameworks where technology could become the core element in ensuring the well-being of the people.”

The State of Future Index was developed by the Millennium Project as an effort to measure the changing state of the future. In year 2000, fifteen global challenges were identified and incorporated for the study to form the statistical foundation.

Foresight Lab in collaboration with its stakeholders came together for the compilation of the 2017 inaugural report. More than a hundred Pakistanis participated in the real-time Delphi Study. And over 20 academics provided their expert judgment on the the Social, Technological, Economic, Environmental and Political spheres for the study.

Dr. Shahid Mahmud co-Founder Foresight Lab – CEO and Chairman Interactive Group of Companies highlighted that, PK-SOFI has the potential of becoming a very useful tool for objectively evaluating the direction Pakistan is heading.

The ecosystem of the new connected world does not have a separate space for nonprofit or public platforms, fenced off from commercial space. Today, all stake holders are required to be not only be strategic but also human-centric. And well coordinated and prompt in service delivery to the society.

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