Intel Edison bites the dust – No more in IoT space

Intel Edison
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Has Intel finally thrown in the towel in the IoT space? Earlier this year, Intel announced that it will discontinue their IoT platforms namely, Galileo, Joule, and Edison. We wrote about Edison when it came out with the promise of really taking on the IoT space head on. However, it failed to create the momentum that was needed to take off. Alas, it never happened and Intel Edison bites the dust.

Raspberry Pi IoT devices have been imitated by others and numerous clones exist in the market. But many of these imitators do not seem to last long. Like Intel, they bite the dust when they lose momentum. We recently covered CHIP computer, which too is suffering from inability to build and ship their US$10 computer on a board to customers. Many such stories abound.

To date, Raspberry Pi has sold over 12 million devices. The cheapest is worth US$5 and the most expensive ones cost a mere US$25. The add-ons are also pretty darn cheap making them ubiquitous computer on a board for IoT. Hobbyists and professionals both love them and have build really wonderful things out of it.

One of the things that goes in favor of Raspberry Pi is that it is completely open source (hardware and software). And the platform has a huge community following consisting of enthusiasts, hobbyist, professionals and even enterprises. There are kits built on top of the Raspberry Pi board by other vendors and that creates a huge momentum which has not been replicated by any other IoT device as yet. Even Intel, with all its marketing muscle, failed to do just that.

Edison was powered by Intel’s Atom processor as compared to ARM based Raspberry Pi devices. However, Atom itself has never taken off and is hardly used by any phone, tablet or an IoT device. ARM, on the other hand, has a market-share exceeding 95%. Therefore, Intel’s bet on Atom powered Edison and Joule turned out to be a dud move.

This is not game over for Intel yet. They might acquire a successful company in this space and try to get a jump start. Or they may give another shot at it with yet another IoT platform in the coming years. But for now, it seems Intel has thrown in the towel and no longer a serious contender in the IoT space.

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