C.H.I.P. and Pi Zero W – US$10 dollar Computers

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We love the little C.H.I.P. Single-board computer. And it boasts some really powerful specs for only US$9. Yes, only US$9. While Raspberry Pi is not far behind in competition with their own Pi Zero W, but we still love the little C.H.I.P. Both CHIP and Pi Zero are available for US$10 with eerily similar specs.

These somewhat really minuscule computers are even more powerful than the original Raspberry Pi that came out five years ago.

CHIP and Pi Zero W offer an opportunity for hobbyists to build even cooler gadgets with really cheap computers as compared to high end raspberry Pis. CHIP offers some wonderful products, including PocketCHIP, which is a fully portable computer in your pocket. It comes standard with battery, screen and a working keyboard for around US$70. Perfect for hackers, gamers or hobbyist to carry something around.

Earlier this year (February 2017), Raspberry Pi introduced their own CHIP equivalent as Pi Zero W. It was of course built on the success of PI Zero a 5 dollar computer on a board. Since the launch of the original Raspberry Pi in 2012, over 12 million have been sold worldwide to this date.

Comparison of Pi Zero with CHIP.

Description/Model Pi Zero W C.H.I.P.
Processor 1 GHz 1GHz
Built in Storage/MicroSD MicroSD Slot 4GB Built-in Flash Storage
Connectivity Wifi / Bluetooth Wifi / Bluetooth
OS Linux Linux
Where to buy https://www.raspberrypi.org/products/raspberry-pi-zero-w/ https://getchip.com/pages/chip

CHIP raised over US$2 Million on KickStarter  when originally launched in 2016. Which is amazing amount to raise online for a kit project. The original US$9 computer is currently out of stock on Chip website but other high end models like CHIP Pro are available.

Raspberry Pi and CHIP are both pushing the boundaries of cheap, minuscule computers on a board. Eventually, these devices will be the standard for Do it Yourself IoT projects, if not already. And the best part about these computers is that the hardware and software are both open source running on top of Debian based Linux. Making them even simpler to use and adopt by the community.

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