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IoT revolution and popularity had its roots in Raspberry Pi. This relatively inexpensive little computer on a board, had millions of tinkerers around the globe building thousands of interesting little gadgets. Almost all are open source. From a remote controlling a buggy to Baby Monitor to Music Box. You can follow some of the more promising ones online on Raspberry Pi website. This little device has inspired many raspberry pi clones.

Today, there are literally dozens of Raspberry Pi clones. Some even aptly named after a fruit like the original. So here we list some of the most promising ones out there with comparable price brackets that are easily procured online through major online shopping sites. They all run some form of Linux or Android. However, the most popular version of Linux is based on Debian distribution.

Here is the comparison of the popular Raspberry Pi clones.

Name / Model Processor RAM Ports Audio / Video OS Price / Buy
Raspberry Pi 3 / RPi3 Model B Quad-Core 1.2 GHZ ARM Cortex A53 1 GB LPDDR2-900 SDRAM. LAN/ Wifi/ Bluetooth / 4 USB 2.0 ports / HDMI Stereo Audio/HD (1080) video Linux / Windows US$42
ASUS Tinker Board / RK3288 QuadCore ARM SOC 1.8GHz 2GB of Dual Channel DDR3 memory Lan/ Wifi/ Bluetooth / 4 USB 2.0 Ports / HDMI HD audio 192/24bit audio along with accelerated HD & UHD ( 4K ) Linux US$60
Banana Pi / M64 1.2 Ghz Quad-Core ARM Cortex A53 64-Bit 2GB DDR3 SDRAM with 733MHz and on board 8 GB of flash memory Lan / Wifi / Bluetooth / IR Receiver / 2 USB Ports , one USB-OTG port / HDMI Audio / Video (1080p) Android / Linux US$66
Hardkernel Odroid-C2 Amlogic quad-core CPU clocked @ 1.5 GHz, Mali 450 GPU 2GB of RAM IR Receiver. No LAN / Wifi support/ 4 USB Ports / HDMI 4K Video no Audio jack US$55
Orange Pi Plus 2 Quad Core ARMv7 Allwinner H3 at 1.6GHz 2GB RAM / 16GB of internal storage Ethernet, WiFi N, HDMI, IR Receiver. No Bluetooth 4K Video Android / Linux US$60

The comparison does show that Raspberry Pi is somewhat under powered compared to its clones. But so is its price. Much lower than the competitors.

Keep in mind with faster processors we may need better heat sinks and cooler environment to run them. So at times its not always to have the fastest device in your hands.

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2 Responses to Popular Raspberry Pi Clones

  1. The key thing for me and I suspect for most tech professionals is how many of the ‘clones’ can run Raspbian and behave exactly like a Pi with some additional features. It’s really of marginal use to even enthusiasts if there is some go faster, Pi like computer, with poor to non existent community support. Nobody needs that, more trouble than it is worth.

  2. NT says:

    I totally agree with Mr. Bennet. Very important is the GPIO compatibilty.
    I would like to see a RPi with 2GB RAM

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