Zorin OS 12.2 Linux Released

Zorin OS Desktop
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This week, Zorin OS released the latest upgrade to its popular Linux OS. The Zorin OS 12.2 is designed specifically for Windows users in mind who can migrate to Linux without any learning curve. The look and feel and even the user experience is eerily similar to Windows XP and that has been one of its biggest appeals since its launch.

Zorin OS has been reviewed by us before and it seems to only get better with time. Since its release nearly 9 years ago, it has grown in popularity and has been downloaded well over 17 million times.

Zorin OS is one of those few Linux OS’s that charge a small fee for their commercially supported versions. Their Ultimate edition costing as little as US$25 which is negligible cost. The cost of a dinner at a fancy restaurant. But the Core, Lite and Educational editions are freely available. Although a small donation is always welcomed.


Features of Zorin OS

In the newer version a lot of tweaking and improvements have happened. Here are some major ones

  • Wine 2.0 Support: A lot of us prefer to run Windows software on our PCs. Zorin OS has improved its support for Wine allowing us to run things like Microsoft Office, Visio, Project without the pain.
  • Zorin Lite: This edition of Zorin OS is designed for systems that are as old as 14 years old. And believe me there are still old legacy systems in millions still being used worldwide that are decade old. Zorin Os would be an ideal OS replacement for the Windows XP or Vista which are sadly no longer supported.
  • Improved Desktop Performance: Zorin OS has been tweaking the desktop with each new release to offer users the best possible user experience. The new version offers numerous speed and stability optimizations including hovering over window previews. It remains to be seen how well these optimizations work with older systems.
  • Core Upgrade: The Linux kernel is now 4.10 which includes the latest driver and improved security from the get go making it perfect for novice users.

Zorin OS can be downloaded from their office website here.

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