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jobs report - linux foundation
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Linux Foundation has just come out with its annual jobs report for the year 2017. This year Open Source skills seem to be the most sought after among the 300 employers surveyed.

The trend has been turning in favor of Open source for the past many years, and this year, it seems that majority of the companies want talent that is proficient in some Open Source technology.

According to the jobs report, the most sought after category is Developer where a whopping 73% of the employers wanted open source talent. This is no surprise and conforms to the IEEE 2017 Annual programming Ranking, where all the top 10 programming languages for 2017 are open source, led by Python.

The second and third most sought after category after “Developer” is DevOps (60%) and System Administrator (53%). Considering that almost all servers run Linux or other open source OS, it is not at all surprising to see the demand for these categories strong. Today, all major cloud service providers including Google Cloud, Amazon’s AWS, RackSpace and even Microsoft’s Azure run Linux.

Due to the steep rise in open source skills for the past many years, the talent shortage is being experienced. Where 89% of the respondents in the jobs report survey mentioned it to be hard to fill.

Majority of the Open source IT professionals (86%) have indicated in the jobs report that knowing open source has advanced their career sufficiently. And 76% have indicated that they will get certifications as it helps them in their jobs.

The hiring managers are also willing to hire (50%) job seekers with “certifications” in various open source technologies. And they are even willing to pay for these certifications for their existing employees.

The Linux foundation annual jobs report is based on the interviews of 300 employers and 1800 IT professionals in collaboration with DICE. The report can be downloaded from Linux Foundation here.

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