Firefox Send – Snapchat for files

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If you plan to share a file, especially a large one, with someone over the Internet for a limited time and want it to be a secure share,  then Firefox Send is your answer. This experimental application is designed as open source with its code hosted on GitHub.

Firefox Send allows users to upload files (word, pdf, spreadsheets, movies etc) up to the size of 1GB. The files are then encrypted and the link is sent to the end recipient. Who have 24 hours to download before the file disappears. If the file has been downloaded, the file will be destroyed automatically.

The file sharing is really between two entities. And the link is valid for only one download attempt within the initial 24 hours. Thus, it is not like Google Drive, or Dropbox where the file stays hosted and available for sharing forever. Due to encrypted feature, even Mozilla has no idea about the content of the files, thus keeping it secure from all possible prying eyes.

The theory behind Firefox Send is not unlike Snapchat which does the same for our chats, videos and photos. Maybe in future, Snapchat might just launch such a service for corporations as a paid service.

The core idea is not new and many other companies have tried to do similar efforts. One such effort that is growing fast is Digify which offers a very similar service to Firefox Send but as a paid service for enterprises.  The fee, is worth it, as it includes many other additional security features including Watermarking, and file tracking.

Firefox Send is still an experiment and might even disappear over time, but the code and idea has legs and it is a matter of time before similar services will be available from numerous app developers.

Firefox has been trying different experiments and even killing them if there is no traction and followers. Here you can find some of the current run experiments that include Voice Searches, Online Notes among others.

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