Ring – Peer-to-Peer Open Source Communications Software Launches

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Late July this year, Ring, a peer-to-peer, open source communications software for Linux, Android, Windows and Mac OS X, came out of beta with the release of 1.0. A product of Savoir-faire Linux Inc, the application is released under the GPLv3 license.

The software supports chat, audio and video calls over an encrypted, secure and fully distributed peer to peer communications pathway.

Main features of the software are:

  • Peer-to-Peer: All communications between conference call participants is direct and no central server is required. P2P communications make it work offline as well.
  • Blockchain: Ring uses Blockchain to develop Ring distributed ledger and users ID management.
  • Encryption: Encrypted Audio, HD Video, and Instant Messaging communication (ICE, SIP, TLS) makes it safe from prying ears and eyes.
  • OpenDHT: Distributed communication platform that was developed for Ring specifically by Savoir-faire Linux and available as open source. Sort of like what BitTorrent does with files.
  • Screen Share and Conferencing: As with all major communication software, this is now essential. And Ring supports it out of the box for free.

ring-peer-to-peerAs the software is peer to peer, it works even when the network (LAN) is disconnected from the internet. The users on a LAN or a closed network will continue to communicate. Which makes it a great application in disaster hit or closed network locations.

Linux has always lacked a good native instant communications tool built in with each installation. So far, the systems have relied on Google’s Hangout, Microsoft’s Skype and other similar proprietary systems which we usually have to install separately. We believe that Ring should now be installed by default with each Linux desktop distribution. Making it ubiquitous like Firefox or Chromium on Ubuntu or Fedora.

The software is still in its early stage. When we installed it on our systems, there was literally no one in our address-book who was using it. Hopefully, in the coming months this will change as more people will adopt it over Skype, Hangout and other proprietary softwares.

Savoir-faire Linux, the makers of Ring is a Canadian software company based out of Montreal.

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  1. soltysss says:

    I tried this thing – but couldn’t install it on linux, android app is easy but on Ubuntu I have dependency problems, funny this is open source app that can’t be installed on open source os

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