Three amazing Ubuntu Distros of Linux for 2017

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We all love Ubuntu. It has over the course of past twelve years become one of the most popular Linux Desktop Distribution in the world. In this time it has also spawned a whole generation of amazing Ubuntu distros based upon it.

Over the past many years, we have tested many of them. Some were really short lived, like GOS that we reviewed back in the day. But others, like ZorinOS, have survived and grown tremendously and have built a strong following of their own.

Some of these distributions are not easy to upgrade and require a reinstall. Others, have had issues with wide variety of hardware/driver support but others have grown tremendously. Here we talk about three that we consider as the most amazing distros for 2017.


This distribution is a reaction to the numerous ransomware attacks that affected UK Health services earlier this year. The aim and mission of NHSbuntu is to get rid of Microsoft Windows and replace all systems and software onto Linux. Not just bringing in huge saving on licensing costs but also bringing in the added level of security and stability that is synonym with Linux.

The distribution offers “full disk encryption” by default to protect sensitive data. It can also be used as a desktop, a clinical OS or even a kiosk.

This is great considering healthcare systems need to be more secure and stable and protected from cyber attacks. In its first incarnation it is targeting the UK Health services. But in an expanded world, it should be a generic Healthcare distribution that supports lots of stable healthcare software out of the box like OpenEMR, OpenMRS among dozens of others out there.

Once those systems are deployed in a secure server, desktop or kiosk environments, the adoption of NHSbuntu will grow beyond UK to probably all major corners of the world.

We will be watching this distribution more closely and report any major upgrades and features in the coming months.


If you are seeking a Ubuntu based Linux distro that is Mac like, light, fast and can easily run on older systems, then ElementaryOS is for you. It follows a very sleek and fast Mac like theme that makes you wonder why can’t other distributions be more nice looking.

The project started out as a theme way back in 2006 but since then has evolved into a full Linux distro based on Ubuntu. One of the nice things about ElementaryOS is that they have eliminated lots of heavier Ubuntu apps with lighter ones developed by the elementary community. The OS has its own desktop development framework, called Granite, that it natively supports and encourages developers to build apps on it. It also supports a niche programming language, Vala, which speeds up development and helps developers write code that can be translated into C automatically.

ElementaryOS focus is desktop and that is where their strength is. So far, their clean and Mac-like look and feel is great. It helps current Windows/Mac users migrate more easily to this OS. The future is bright for this distro.


ElementaryOS and others like it face a stiff competition from ZorinOS. This Ubuntu based Linux distro prides itself to be a great platform for Windows users who want to migrate to Linux desktop. The OS is supposed to be light. Very light. As they claim on their website that it is “ the biggest leap forward in our lightweight operating system for old and low-spec computers”.

ZorinOS started out in 2009 as an Ubuntu derivative and has since grown a huge following worldwide. It boasts a desktop built on top of Gnome that looks more like Windows 7 than any Linux distro.

The OS is focused on better user experience and therefore is making things smooth for an average Joe to feel right at home on Linux environment. Softwares like Chromium, Firefox are supported out of the box. They are also experimenting with multi touch/gestures with different actions with multiple finger touches. It still remains to be seen if users start adopting multi touch to their daily routine like they do on Mac computers or they get frustrated.

Overall, this is a distribution worth using for all prior windows users.




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