LibreTaxi – Opensource alternative to Careem and Uber

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We are all getting used to the idea of taxi hailing service. No matter which major city on the planet we go, there is some form of Uber, Lyft, Careem vying for our business. And we order one without thinking twice.

However, many small towns will never get these Ubers as it is not economically viable for them to do business there. And the little taxi guy, at the corner of marketplace, waiting for rides can probably never upgrade his taxi to meet the stringent requirements of these billion dollar corporate giants and can never make the jump to “ride sharing” economy.

But here comes an open source alternative which targets precisely those little taxi guys and rural and small towns that will not get Uber. LibreTaxi takes out the giants from the game and connects the taxi directly with the passenger. The passenger uses the app to hail a taxi, haggle a mutual agreeable price and then get a ride. The cost of the ride will be paid in cash in full to the taxi driver and there is no cut for any corporate giants. Hence, the little guy gets all the benefits.

LibreTaxi, source code is available for free as open source on GitHub that anyone can use to customize and build on top of using JavaScript. The software is available for iOS, Android, Mac and the Web. It is governed by MIT License and anyone can download and launch a customized version for their city or community.

LibreTaxi is a brainchild of Roman Pushkin, and has successfully raised some angel investment from FastForward Accelarators. His mission is to keep LibreTaxi software “forever libre, free of charge, with open source under AGPL license.” (updated)

One of the reason that Uber and Careem are more successful is that they guarantee a certain quality. The taxi will be new and clean, the driver will be verified and the ride can be tracked online by near and dear ones. These features are all but absent from LibreTaxi.

But then the normal taxi that we hail on the roadside also cannot guarantee any of those safety features. So LibreTaxi is actually harking us back to the time of traditional taxi with the difference of hailing it using an app rather than a blowing a whistle.

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3 Responses to LibreTaxi – Opensource alternative to Careem and Uber

  1. Thanks for sharing, but I wanted to add something:

    * FastForward is not accelerators, it is only one non-profit accelerator
    * IMO they’re not angel investment firm, because they donate, not invest. Donate with (almost) no obligations
    * We (LibreTaxi) were not able to receive any money from FFWD. Now we’re not planning to accept this donation in the future

    Also, LibreTaxi will remain forever libre, free of charge, with open source under AGPL license.

  2. Usama Ahmed says:

    Telegram is blocked in Pakistan, what should we do in order to run libretaxi.

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