Mozilla launches US$ 2 Million Wireless Innovation Challenge

NSF-Mozilla Challenge
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Partnering with National Science Foundation, Mozilla Foundation has launched an ambitious US$2 million  Wireless Innovation for Network Society, (WINS) Challenge.

There are two broad categories where the US based entities can apply.

  • Off the Grid Internet Challenge: In this challenge disaster hit communities need to be reached with portable and rapidly deployed wireless communication system.
  • Smart Community Networks Challenge: Reach out to those communities that lack proper internet access in the USA. Mozilla and NSF estimate that there are over 39 million people in the US that lack quality internet.

The competition is opened for public in June 2017 and will run through different phases till August 2018. The main phases are listed below:


Wireless Challenge Timeline

Mozilla and NSF Wireless challenge timeline

Winning prototypes can seek prizes up to US$400,000. So it’s worth the challenge.

Of course the solutions have to be open sourced and easily available for anyone to use and deploy. As Mozilla website clearly states that:

Mozilla’s goal is to connect the unconnected to the entirety of the open Internet. Our hypothesis is that solutions successful in accomplishing this goal will be interoperable and implementable by a range of actors. At Mozilla, we support this type of radical innovation through open source licensing because we have found this enables broad scalability of product solutions, and removes the single-source choke points that often prevent true inclusiveness.

This challenge is open to US citizens or legal residents only.

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