Open Source Repositories of Tech Giants

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All major tech giants have embraced open source. Their technology stack is enriched and so deeply embedded with open source that it is totally indistinguishable from commercial and proprietary software. These companies have their dedicated repositories for the open source software that they are sharing back with the community.

To give a few simple examples, Apple’s MacOS X is based on open source FreeBSD Unix. Google’s Android is a customized version of Linux, and Amazon’s Kindle is nothing but a Java/Linux powered handheld device.

Most of these tech giants have now organized their software into repositories that are easily accessible and downloadable from their website or platforms like GitHub. We can not only use it but also build our own versions and push back the new version for all to use.

Today, Google currently hosts over 2,000 open source projects in their repository. Including popular projects like the Go Language, Genati, a virtual machine management software, Chromium, an open source version of Chrome browser, TensorFlow among others.

Microsoft, a one time big proponent of enterprise and closed software, has now embraced open source and let the code out for us to review and use. Including, languages like C# among others.

Here is a list of the leading tech giants (in alphabetical order) and their open source repositories. Check them out and browse through thousands of software projects. Some of them will really entice you to use them.

One notable omission is Amazon. They use and embrace open source but have not yet created a dedicated repository easy enough for community to use and contribute back. Hopefully, that will change in the future.

If we are missing a leading name among the tech giants, then please feel free to share it in the comments section below and we will be glad to add it to the list above.

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