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Amazon’s Alexa, Apple’s Siri and Google Now have become our defacto assistants for most things mundane.  Making calls, setting appointments or reminders, streaming music, turn on lights, playing games among dozens of tasks are now handled by them.

But this space is still young, Microsoft’s Cortana, IBM’s Watson and a host of other tech giants are trying to make their mark. But as it stands today, all these platforms are built by billion dollar companies to be used on their propriety hardware/technology stack. That all has changed with the arrival of Mycroft.

Mycroft is designed from scratch as a completely open source digital personal assistant. Even the hardware is open source. And development community is encouraged to modify and change and customize it to their personal needs.

Mycroft is built atop the RaspberryPi board with Arduino microcontroller. The software is mostly written in Python.

Mycroft Mark 1 is their first official release of Digital Personal Assistant. It was launched on Indiegogo where it raised a whopping 189,000 dollars in a short time. Later the campaign was extended to other crowd sourcing platforms including Kick-starter where they raised additional funding. Today, they have VC capital to grow and build their grand platform.

Mycroft is a welcome addition to AI focused open source community. Amazon has also offered their Alexa technology to be easily downloadable and build atop a RaspberryPi. But there are not many who have ported it to the Pi as the Alexa driven Echo Dot costs about US$50 and its not worth replicating it on an open source platform like the Pi.

The price point at which Mark 1 is available is nearly US$200. Which is even higher than Amazon’s top end Alexa Echo. So unless they get the price down to competitive levels, its adoption may be slow among the consumers.

If the open source community can provide us easier methods to integrate it to our existing home appliances, then Mycroft can truly give the established names a run for their money.

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