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We live in a post Snowden era. Where privacy of an individual is compromised by secret and clandestine spy agencies like NSA, Mossad or MI5. At the same time, unprecedented information is gathered about our online activities by enterprises hoping to sell us something that we may want. This has led us to a point where it is really a frustrating experience surfing the web without someone trying to sell us something that was probably gathered from our browser history. Even behemoths like Google, Facebook and Microsoft are culprits in this act. Well, Mozilla wants to change all that.

Mozilla has built a little plugin for its Firefox browser called Private Eye. This little software tracks all those who are tracking us. And then displays a list of all those sites.

And if we choose to do so, we can actually block any of those sites from tracking us. This will probably not save us from prying eyes of spy agencies (at the moment) but will definitely help us keep tabs on how much of our privacy is being threatened online.

The lightbeam image (above) shows that in the past month, I visited around 50 sites using Mozilla browser and in response a whopping 200+ sites started tracking me online. That’s 4 times the number of sites I visited! That stat in itself is an eye opener of how many players are keeping a tab on us and why we must fight for our privacy.

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