Kano Kit – An idea worth betting the future of your kids education

Kano Kit
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It was not long ago, when Kano announced their intentions through a Kickstarter campaign to build a “computer and coding kit for all ages” powered by a Raspberry Pi. They asked for a meager US$100,000 to achieve their ambitious goal. The idea was an instant hit with backers. Within a short time, Kano amassed over 13,000 backers which ultimately resulted in 1.5million dollars successfully raised for the project!

The kit consists of a Raspberry Pi computer, hooked with a speaker, a wireless keyboard and connected to the internet through Wifi. The computer can be connected to any monitor/LCD screen through the provided HDMI cable.

Even though the kit is for all ages, but we suspect, it will be more popular among kids who want to learn and tinker with the Pi to build their fantastic games, compose creative music, and learn to do new things on a computer that literally fits in their palm.

I must admit, watching the Kano kit in action brings back nostalgic memories of the ’80s. An era of micro computers that we loved to tinker with. The Sinclair Spectrums, Commodore 64s, BBC Micro were the rage. And using these and other tiny computers with as little as 48KB of memory and a few hertz of processors, kids were able to write sophisticated programs in a simple BASIC programming language. That era spawned a whole generation of computer wizards that later helped in the growth of the Internet.

Kano Kit is a throw back to that special era. It once again gives the freedom to a kid to build and tinker with their own computing system. And maybe it too will inspire another generation of computer wizards who can ultimately build the next generation of computer applications.

Kano kit is based on open source software that is easy to download from github. It uses Raspbian open source Linux Operating system which is a Debian derivative.

The kit can be ordered online if you want one for your kid.

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