How to record calls over Skype

evaer video record on skype
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When it comes to finding softwares for making online video/audio calls with reasonable voice quality and no cost to anywhere around the world, there isn’t any other software application which nears the monopoly that Skype enjoys. Regardless of what operating system you have installed on your computer, Skype is compatible with all of them and is used equally by their respective users everywhere in the world. With such extensive usage and hence the wide variety of circumstances in which its used, there often occurs a need to record the calls, and as Skype doesn’t provide call recording services itself, it allows access to some third party applications to do the job.

There are a number of Softwares in market developed exclusively to satisfy the said purpose, among which a tool called Evaer seems to tender the most useful and customizable features with a fairly simple UI.

Evaer is a standalone third party application which interacts with Skype through Skype desktop API and is supported by Windows newest versions of OS (7.0 and above). However it requires only the Skype desktop version to work on windows 8/8.1.

As soon as you login to Skype, Evaer gets automatically synced with it, a small window of Evaer’s UI opens up showing various options, among which is the button to record the call at the top left corner, which doesn’t get enabled until the callie answers and the call is actually connected. Once its connected the button turns red implying that it is now clickable. You can start recording the call now with options to ‘stop’ or ‘pause’ replaced with the ‘call recording’ button at the top left of the window. When the call is stopped, the file is saved into the ‘Users’ folder of the C drive, which is a default setting and could be changed if needed by following this path:

Tools >> Options >> Recording Settings >> Output Folder

The recording also gets instantly added in the inventory displayed right under the ‘stop’ and ‘pause’ buttons on the Evaer’s UI with the title same as the Skype id of the callee. The call recording inventory is managed date wise.

Options for Recording:

You can record both audio and video calls through Evaer and have both of them recorded in several different modes according to your choice. Options to record an audio call are split three ways:

  1. ‘Audio mode Both sides’ (Lets you record the voices on both sides of the call, your side and the distant/callie’s side, enables you to listen the conversation as a whole)
  2. Audio mode remote side only (Lets you record the voice of the callie e.g the person at the other side of the call)
  3. Audio mode local side only (Lets you record your side of the conversation)

record over skype

A video call by its nature could be recorded in modes more in number than an audio call and therefore there are more number of options tendered in Evaer to do it.

  1. Video mode separate files (Video and audio of your side and the callie’s side gets stored in separate files and gets shown separately in the inventory as well, one file only contains your video and the other contains the video of the person sitting on the other end. Names of the files are also distinguished by an term ‘local’ attached with your file title and ‘remote’ with callie’s file title)
  2. Video mode side by side (As all the names attributed to the audio/video files are quite self-explanatory, and so is this one. Your video and the callie’s video are saved side by side and when played, the two video recordings get played side by side)
  3. Video mode picture in picture (Shows your side of the video in a small sized image at the bottom right and the callie’s video in a much bigger size in the background, this is however the default setting and could be changed by following this path: Tools >> Options >> Recording settings >> Local Image size)
  4. Video mode remote video only (Records video of distant/callie’s side)
  5. Video mode local side only ( Records video of your side)
    • video output format can either be ‘MP4’ or ‘AVI’
    • Video frame rate can vary between 15 Frames per second (normal quality) to 30 frames per second (High quality) as chosen by you.


This feature enables you to adjust the resolution and size in which the video is going to be stored; Tenders 10 different options which are deemed not necessary to be mentioned over here.

These were some of the basic features and settings, understanding of which is enough for any user to run this software and make full use of its functionality.

The many options available for customization qualify Evaer to be one of the best open source tools available in the market for windows users and could easily be picked for the stated requirement of call recording.

You could get Evaer downloaded by visiting the link below:

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