Watch Star Wars – A New Hope, like never before

star wars
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Ever wondered what Star Wars fans are upto while supposedly spending time programming on awesome projects? Ever wonder, how Star Wars would look and feel like if the computers were berift of Windows and DOS/shell driven?

Well, folks/true geniuses in Netherlands have found a way to keep themselves entertained even on an old Terminal

They have spectacularly encoded the full Star Wars Movie (A New Hope) like never before. You will forget about THX Sound and 3D when you watch it in monochrome green. A throw back to a time when the world was simpler and Internet was a geekdom passion.

Fire up your old Terminal (cmd in Windows) and type the following command

telnet 23

If Telnet is not installed on your Windows system, you can download Putty

On Mac and linux, just use Terminal application that comes pre-installed on your system.

And then enjoy the epic movie

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