ZorinOS – Gateway to Linux for Windows Users

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Linux OS currently has one of the largest selection of desktop environment options that any OS has ever had in their entire life. ZorinOS is yet another derivative of the popular Ubuntu Distro and is currently in Version 7. It is based on Ubuntu 13.04 thus offering the latest of what Ubuntu has to offer to the Linux community. But the look and feel is classic Windows 7.

One of the major and at times genuine concerns of new Linux users is that they want the same desktop/interface and the same set of software applications as they are used to on their Microsoft Windows platform. A tough ask, as even MacOS is struggling to offer all that is Windows.

But, ZorinOS is atleast seriously trying to address the interface and desktop issues. It gives you the same look and feel of the classic Windows 7 but the power and flexibility of Linux. So if Windows is your thing, you can get the look and feel to be Windows right out of the box.

ZorinOS offers access to Ubuntu Software Center where one can download from a library of thousands of prebuilt apps and software for Linux. Yes, majority are open source and not necessarily the same as on Windows platform. But, you do get popular software applications like Adobe PDF reader, Google Chrome, Firefox browser, VLC video player, Skype among many others. And then there are some very good clones of the Windows software like Evolution for Outlook users, and Gimp for Photoshop users.

ZorinOS is not always free and completely open source. They do have paid versions under Premium offerings. If you opt for their premium editions, you can get look and feel of even MacOS X among others. The premium editions are focused ZorionOS offerings for gamers, business machines, and multimedia hungry users. It is interesting to see how these offerings will pan out over the course of time. Will many users opt for them. Ubuntu too has a Business edition, a paid version but it has not become a runaway success just yet.

Even though your desktop will look like Windows, but it will still act like a Linux box. Therefore, viruses will be rendered useless, and desktop firewall will keep nosy neighbors locked out of the system, and the system will probably outrun the hardware and wont be crashing anytime soon.

Since ZorinOS is based on Ubuntu 13.04, users will stop getting updates from Ubuntu within 2013 and will be either forced to upgrade to a newer Zorin or not worry about getting updates for the foreseeable future.

ZorinOS can be downloaded from the official site listed here.

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