Higher Demand for Linux Talent

Linux Foundation
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A recent survey by Dice and Linux Foundation reveals that life for a Linux Professional has never been better. There is more demand for this hard to find talent resulting in higher than average salaries and perks.

The jobs for Linux professionals are not just for System Administration of Linux powered servers. Rather there is now a growing demand for software coders, Data Center Management including Cloud computing, e-commerce businesses and software programmers for embedded systems.

Demand for Linux Talent:
Nine out of ten HR managers surveyed revealed that it is getting difficult to locate Linux Professionals with related experience. That means the talent pool is not big enough to cater to the jobs that are out there.

Salary Increase:
If you are an experienced Linux Professional, chances are you can garner higher than average salary for your job. Linux salaries have shown a jump of 9% as compared to 5% for the tech sector. Almost double the industry average.

Top Linux Fields To Work In
System Administration, Linux Software Development and DevOps are the top fields within Linux. Those who know Kernel architecture, or embedded Linux development were also in high demand.

Top Incentives
The top incentives luring Linux Professional to new jobs are better work environment, flexible work schedule and higher salaries.

The survey can be downloaded from Linux Foundation website.

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