Install Ubuntu on Windows Surface Pro

Microsoft Surface Pro
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Microsoft’s Windows Surface Pro has been recently released and already Linux pros are booting Ubuntu and other Linux distributions on to it. After all, why not? It would be fun to carry my Ubuntu in a tablet form rather than on an old PC.

Surface Pro comes with really powerful processor. Unlike other tablets, it actually boasts an Intel Core i5 processor with 4GB of RAM. Pretty powerful for a little machine. The display is 11″ inches with a sweet 1080p HD graphics. Not really Retina quality as on Apple’s iOS devices but pretty good anyways.

So here is a guide put together by on how to install Ubuntu onto Windows Surface Pro. Follow it and get Ubuntu going on a tablet within half hour. Maybe it might even boost your battery life a bit (just like we get on laptops as compared to Windows).

I’d like to put some server apps on it and not just my default desktop. Especially for disaster and remote and rural areas where electricity is hard to come by and sometimes recharging is not an option. A portable tablet server would be a powerful product to carry in a bag.

With the successful installation of Ubuntu onto Surface Pro, I want one now. Perfect replacement for my current Toshiba Ubuntu Laptop.

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