Crazyflie Nano Quadcopter – Opensource and Hackable

Crazyflie Nano
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Crazyflie is an awesome drone. It fits right into your palm weighing less than an ounce. Surprisingly, it can be equipped with goodies like camera and LEDs. You control the drone with a gamepad (Sony Playstation) over wireless radio. Wow.

The best part about this Crazyflie is that it is completely open source and most of the code is written in Python. Hence, it is to extend and port. Already there are ports to Raspberry Pi and Android platforms.

There are a few drawbacks though, as it is just a board with rotars. It is not the complete article. And if you hit a wall or some object in flight, there is a chance the board might not take the hit well. But the idea behind Crazyflie is no different from Raspberry Pi. To hack it, to use it as a kit to learn and built awesomeness into it. Even the shell to protect the circuitry from shocks can be your own creation.

Currently the airtime/flight time is no more than ten minutes. It might improve over time but for now, it is good for short bursts of fun.

But it is worth every bit of US$150 dollars. Can’t wait for someone out there can put some machine learning and AI into it to make it totally autonomous.

If you feel like hacking and building your own army of tiny drones, head to Seeed Studio Online Store for your own Crazyflie Nano quadcopter. It’s really amazing to see that the first 300 kits are already sold-out.

Crazyflie is built by the good folks at Bitcraze in Sweden.

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