HPLIP – HP Print Drivers for Linux

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Sometimes when you install your favorite Linux distribution, the default print drivers either fail to print or worse fail to recognize the printer outright.

Thankfully, there is a solution to this problem for at least HP printers. HP is now supporting over 2,200 printers (including Multifunction, Inkjects, Laserjets etc) with proper Linux drivers that are supported through the life of the hardware. A detail of which can be found on hplip website here.

Every Linux distribution now includes HPLIP (HP Linux Imaging and Printing) drivers by default. Sometimes the included drivers are a bit old or do not support the latest devices offered by HP. Only reinstall the drivers if the version provided gives you trouble and are unable to recognize the printer in question.

Reinstalling the HPLIP from HP site and overwriting the current version usually solves the problem. It worked great for our HP Laserjet Pro 1212 MFP really well when the default provided by Ubuntu did not work for us.

Follow the instructions online. Clicking on Download will take you through a step by step wizard that guides you in selecting your drivers.


In Step 1, it will ask you a few questions like, your Linux distribution, version as listed below. Kindly choose from the selection. If you have a distribution that is not listed there, check to see what it is based on. For example, Pear Linux, Linux Mint are Ubuntu derivatives therefore, Ubuntu drivers would be your choice.

If you are not sure of your Linux version, click here and follow the instructions provided online.


As you go through the wizard, it will inform you if your drivers are included or not. In our case, they are not included and therefore we need to download. The file is pretty small. About 20MB in size. And once downloaded run it as a desktop user (not root).

There is a very comprehensive visual guide on hplip website at:

Follow it and you will have your drivers installed within ten minutes.

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