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Living in the digital & information age also means its an age of “Information Glut”. Our brain at times is overwhelmed by the amount of information it encounters in a day. We struggle to remember it, retrieve it and even share it with our family and friends. And it is even worse on a computer. Some of the videos we shot ages ago are collecting dust in some old hard drive that wont even connect to modern computers. All this data and digital information needs to be rescued and viewed as it was originally destined.

Well, if that media is videos, music or photos you are in luck. Plex not only indexes that information for you but serves it up in a nice VIP Deluxe package that you can access on the go from any device that you may own. Welcome to Plex Media Server.

That’s right, your Giga bytes of Videos, Pictures and Music should not be languishing in your iTunes Library or sitting in a disused iPod, it can now be made available over your home network on-demand. Plex makes it really easy to index, share and view your information from one central location onto any device that you own including Windows Phones, iPhones and Android Google Phones.

Plex has this to say about their software:

Experience your media on a visually stunning, easy to use interface on your computer or Home Theater PC. Your media has never looked this good!

Effortlessly connect to all of your favorite local and online content, all presented seamlessly on your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Android and Windows Phone 7 devices.

And, what’s more, it is now compatible with hardware devices including Sony PS3, Google TV and Roku streamer.

It’s your own personal Video on Demand service, sort of your personal Netflix. And it is also your personal Pandora radio for music, except you own and manage it.

Most media servers that we have used need a bit of technical help to get them going. But Plex has made it so simple and easy that anyone and everyone can setup their library within minutes. The automatic wizard guides the users through the setup process. Which can take no more than five minutes. Then sit back and enjoy the show.

If you plan to index your music (mp3s) and movies, it will automatically download meta data for it from the internet, including posters and basic intros. And if plan to customize it with your own posters and info, you can do that too.

Plex started its life as an XMBC open source media server but forked separately into a propriety software with little or no open source code. However, it is one of the few commercially available software readily available for our Cent OS, Fedora and Ubuntu Linux platforms. We do hope that in future, they can go back to their roots and open source some of their technology.

And for now, it is available for all platforms at no cost. Free. Though there are some premium services being offered under PlexPass that we need to pay for.

Plex also offers channels like Ted Talks, Apple Movie Trailers and others to stream and watch. You can also bookmark Youtube videos to watch later on your Plex.

Plex has started its life in a promising fashion and with each iteration and release it is becoming even more powerful.

We do hope that their support for Linux and NAS servers continue to grow. After all, they are the best OS to run a media server on. So far, we have only tested it on a SOHO network using a Core2Duo machine connected on a Wifi network. We accessed the media on Plex Server using iOS devices and Ubuntu PCs without any problems.

However, we would love to hear from our readers if they have used it in an office environment or even commercially (hotels, ISP etc). So do share your feedback.

Plex media server can be downloaded for your favorite platform from their website here. It is also available in Ubuntu Software Center so no downloading required.

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