Fedora 18 Review

Fedora Project
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Fedora 18 much anticipated and delayed release is finally here. And it is worth its wait. There are numerous new features incorporated into the opensource linux operating system including (but not limited to):

  1. Installation is now done through a much improved Anaconda which has been rewritten from scratch.
  2. It supports UEFI Secure Boot. The defacto standard for Microsoft Certified Windows 8 PCs. Hence, it can now run on the latest hardware without any hassels.
  3. Ships with SAMBA 4. The latest version that has support for opensource ACTIVE DIRECTORY built in
  4. Programming languages including Perl, Python, Ruby have also been upgraded to the latest release
  5. MATE desktop environment. It is worth looking at as an alternative to GNOME.
  6. Lots of server based goodies including better NAS & SAN management, private cloud through Eucalyptus, and better multi-ethernet management

Fedora project is the open source desktop project supported by RedHat Linux. Fedora says on its website:

Fedora is a fast, stable, and powerful operating system for everyday use built by a worldwide community of friends. It’s completely free to use, study, and share.

Fedora is currently one of the most popular desktop environments rivaling Ubuntu in its market share. However, it has been overwhelmingly preferred by techies than ordinary users. Fedora 18 could help change that perception.

Fedora 18 can be downloaded from the project website at: http://fedoraproject.org/

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