Windows no longer the Best

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This season anyone monitoring the Amazon Best Sellers List for Notebook computers would have noticed that three brands out of top five have consistently been non Windows. In fact, the best selling computer has been Samsung’s Chromebook, a Linux based netbook developed on Google’s opensource ChromeOS operating System.

top 5 laptops on Amazon best seller list

Top 5 laptops on Amazon best seller list

The other two have been Apple’s MacBook Pro and Macbook Air. The rest of the slots have jostled for position in top five between Samsung, Dell and HP over the holiday season.

Keep in mind that Apple’s Macbooks also run non Microsoft OS with the current version being Mac OS X 8 Mountain Loin. It is 100% POSIX compliant making it pure Unix compatible thus Linux like. Also notice the fact that Apple has been in the best seller list for over 200 days. That’s more than six months! It’s probably the longest and consistently best selling computer on Amazon list of all brands.

If we go by this as a trend, it is clear that Linux/Unix powered computers are making a slow but steady inroads into the once dominant Windows market. Consumers do not necessarily go for Windows when they want to buy a computer and are willing to explore other options including Apple’s MacOS and Google’s ChromeOS.

Now the real question is: Would some vendor be ready to launch Ubuntu the same way?

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