Ubuntu 9.04 Linux Beta Released

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This week, Ubuntu 9.04 beta was released for general public. By the last week of April, the final release will be available for download for Ubuntu 9.04 Linux distribution.

Ubuntu is slowly gaining ground not only on the desktop but also beginning to flex its muscles on the server side as well. It is now taking on the SUSE and Red Hats of the world for its own pie in the sky. There are many great features unique to Ubuntu for corporations including:

  • It has a regular release cycle (April and October annually) and the product is supported for three years. This gives organizations the ability to install and maintain a release for almost the length of the PC/laptop that they are using without the need to reinstall.
  • It also supports easy upgrades from one version to the other, which some distributions struggle to do nicely. This once again gives users the ability to seamlessly move from one version to the other without needing to redo the whole install.
  • Numerous versions to whet ones apetite. There is the regular Ubuntu (with gnome desktop) and then Kubuntu (with KDE), then Xubuntu (for older systems) and Edubuntu (for educational purposes).
  • There are also numerous distributions based on Ubuntu, namely Mythbuntu (an open source Tivo to say the least). Even XenStreet’s favorite Linux, gOS relies on Ubuntu to function.
  • A huge repository (over 25,000 in default configuration) of applications which come pre-compiled and ready to use on Ubuntu through packages.
  • Available on Amazon EC2 cloud computing. But I guess many other Linux and Windows versions are too. But still, it is out there.
  • It is a Debian release!

The latest release 9.04 is packed with lots of new features that will further strengthen its hold in the Linux market. Some of the most interesting features that the new release will feature on the server includes the open source cloud technology, Eucalyptus. It will give us techies a chance to build a cloud in our office (there goes another weekend), and then we will try to find some application to use it. Maybe a gaming cloud for the office. Hmm.

It also includes out of the box and fully configured dovecot-postfix package. It provides an easy-to-deploy mail server stack, with support for SMTP, POP3, and IMAP with TLS and SASL.

There is also support for ext4 file system. Not sure we need this but it is supposed to help protect files when the system suffers from sudden outages. A nice feature for developing economies like India, Pakistan and China where electricity is as reliable as the weather in England.

The desktop edition will feature an updated Gnome for better desktop experience and updated Xorg library with (hopefully) better support for wide screen monitors, graphics drivers and S-video interfaces.

If you ask my opinion which Linux flavor will dominate the Linux distros for the next few years, then my vote is hands down for Ubuntu.

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  2. hanumant says:

    Hey, nice site you have here! Keep up the excellent work!

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