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Every organization these days produces lots of electronic documents. Even a one man home office will generate enough files in various formats (including Office and PDF formats) over the course of the year that it will become a nightmare just finding the right file in the nick of time.

KnowledgeTree, Document Management System, is web based and therefore easily accessible from across the organization without the need to install any client software on users machines. It supports multiple users within groups with proper permissions and role definitions. It allows for easy upload of documents including support for bulk upload through a one large zip file. There is support for search within all the popular file formats as well. Email alerts can also be generated on various criteria including when a document is available to be viewed by the group. The software supports an organization work flow and even generates it automatically on specific folders and document types. The document’s are version controlled to minimize overwriting of documents when shared within a distributed environment.

The software now is supported across various platforms including Linux, Windows and even Mac. There are installers for each of these platforms (yes even for Linux a self installing binary) which guides you through the whole process with little or no glitch. Source code version is also available for those who prefer to tweak install it based on their own requirements.

I used the binary to install it on my Ubuntu Linux computer. The installation went smoothly but I ran into a small problem. It forced me to install a separate copy Apache and Mysql (on custom ports) for this software and did not give me an option to integrate it with the existing Apache and Mysql running on my machine. With the result, now I have two instances of each running on my machine on different ports. It would be nice if the installer gave us an option to choose whether we prefer to integrate and run one instance of each or not.

KnowledgeTree document management system is definitely the right choice for not only large corporations but even for Small and Medium Enterprises. It will greatly improve the organizations productivity and easy of share of knowledge within their organization.

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