Elisa – A Great Open Media Center

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I recently installed and started using open source Elisa Media Center. Its a great little media player that works wonderfully well with all my media types for video, music, dvd and photos. It even connects to the internet and imports media from websites like youtube and flickr. The configuration is still command line based and is stored in “elisa.conf” file. All configuration information is stored in your home folder as mentioned below:


There are lots of interesting perimeters that you can configure but most importantly, you may want to specify specific directories from where to read your media. It can be done easily by configuring it as follows in the xmlmenu section:

locations = [‘file://media/da/videos’, ‘file:///media/da/itunes’]

Specify as many directories as you want by separating them with com
ma across your network.

Elisa website mentions lots of features including support for remote controls and touch screen. There are even ports available for Windows and MacOS platforms along with Linux.

Download your copy from its official website at http://elisa.fluendo.com

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  1. darkmuse says:

    So, how do you like this new one?? What’s first imressions? Is it better or not?

    essay buying

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