A Peculiar Time

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Did you know that all Unix and Linux machines calculate their time and date from January 1, 1970. And did you know on February 13, 2009, the time in seconds will be precisely “1234567890”. This has to be one of those coincidences.

So if you have access to a Unix/Linux machine anywhere (at school, at work, at home where ever), just type the following on a shell prompt.

date +%s

and it will show you the time in seconds since 1970.

In case if you plan to capture the exact moment when the clock strikes 1234567890 then write the following shell script on the command line and execute it.

while true
echo “Time since Jan 1, 1970 in seconds is “
date +%s
sleep 1

What this will do is print the time in seconds every second and you can view it on your favorite terminal. Try it now to see how many seconds are left to that crucial time.

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