Damn Small Linux – An Amazingly Small Linux

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An amazing Linux distribution. Just 50MB and you are in business. I got a taste of the wonderful Damn Small Linux (DSL) today as I installed it onto my 1GB flash drive. I followed the simple instructions as listed on their wiki.

I created a basic 75MB ext3 partition on my 1GB USB drive and installed the OS as per the given instructions. I rebooted my machine and through GRUB, was successfully able to boot my laptop from DSL. It detected the required hardware during boot process and launched without a hitch. Within moments of I was able to boot into DSL Linux an do anything and everything that I may require. It came with all the goodies that I might need including Firefox, TED word processor and SIAG spreadsheet. Even though the size is small, it had a nice GUI and a windowing toolkit. If we have a more space, we can also modularly grow the DSL Linux by installing other applications like OpenOffice etc.

The whole OS runs off the memory and the DSL website claims that it supports as old hardwares as 486 boxes with 16MB of RAM. Well, I don’t have one lying around that old, but I am sure someone out there must have tested them on those museum pieces and got a kick out of it.

Now, what could be some of the uses of having such a small Linux in my flash drive. Here are a few that I have thought of:

  • For security paranoid people, they can carry their own OS in a small flash drive partition for use in public places like Cyber Cafe’s
  • For techies who want to carry a running demo version of their software application can take it along in a small flash drive. This demo application can then be run off any computer.
  • For those who are still using older computers (especially in rural communities) can use this basic OS to power their old hardware.
  • For those who get a kick out of showing the world how wonderful Linux is as compared to say Microsoft Windows 🙂

In short, good things do come in small packages. So try it and you will enjoy the power of DSL.

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  4. Sheron says:

    Linux isn’t based off unix? it was built from scratch.

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