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Allvoices is a paradigm shift in citizen journalism and open media platform. The news reporting model created by Allvoices is probably going to define how news media will be used in the 21st century. It is one of the earliest independent news reporting platform which is not affiliated with any major media groups.

It allows users like you and me to become citizen journalists and not only report our news but also comment and rate various news items published on the site. Hence, the news is reported, read and managed by the community with little or no control by Allvoices itself, or any powerful government bent upon censorship or any syndicate media groups with a hidden agenda. It is therefore, completely independent and free of any biases.

Allvoices allows users to report via the web and through mobile thus allowing us to report the news as it happens. Once we report our news, it is screened for originality (plagiarization is discouraged). The system then searches its database to locate similarly reported news items and aggregates them onto the reported story page. Hence, as a reader I not only read the reported news, but can also read all similar stories on the subject with various points of view.

For example, the ongoing crisis in Gaza is being reported and commented more openly on Allvoices than on any other medium on the internet. It not only has news items from Israeli and Palestinian point of view but also how the rest of the world is perceiving and reacting to it. With the media clamp down by Israel from Gaza, Allvoices allows its contributers to report news from the ground using mobile, Short Messaging Service (SMS) and Multimedia Messaging (MMS) along with the web.

In another example, in the recent Mumbai crisis, Allvoices was once again one of the few media sites in the world that gave not only Indian but Pakistani perspective on the crisis as it unfolded. The Pakistani perspective, especially, that of the citizens of Pakistan was completely ignored by the mainstream news media and therefore, it was very good to see Allvoices play its role in balanced news reporting.

I have been contributing and reading news on Allvoices since its launch in early 2008. And I am hooked onto it ever since. I log in at least once a day to get the world’s perspective on various news items so that I can get an alternative point of view to what CNN, Fox and other news channels report. I also enjoy commenting and giving my perspective on various items knowing full well that no censorship will be applied to what I or anyone says.

There are various news items that mainstream media will not cover due to its not being as they say “news worthy”, in short, “does not generate revenue”. News on CNN, Fox, BBC must pass various rules before they report and publish. For example, a small health project in rural Pakistan is probably not what any major news media channels would cover or report on the positives of flourishing IT industry of Iran. But Allvoices has lots of such news items from various little places in the world. This allows the little guy out there to report his/her news and let it publish alongside the biggest and most popular news items of the world. Hence, the news, no matter how small, how obscure or how unworthy it is perceived, gets its say on Allvoices.

So I recommend every to check out Allvoices and not only read but contribute news from your region.

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